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WEBINAR: Keep Your Records Straight, Accounting Practices & Tips

Presented By Oneida Franco

Friday, October 15, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Class WebinarED Webinar Free Finance

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We already know the benefits of the exciting world of Real Estate, this is a business that allows us to earn good money, gives us independence, allows us to have a better quality of life, manage our time, work from home , among other benefits. The content of this workshop is in response to the need among Real Estate professionals to understand the tools and strategies that will allow them to become more profitable, have more control over their spending and save significantly on their taxes.

 Objectives: After this workshop you will be able to understand the following:

Part 1: Types of business entities for Real Estate Agents and their tax treatment and implications

Part 2: How to maximize your deductions - setting up a system, general bookkeeping 

Part 3: Using your entity properly- tax savings examples 

At the end of the workshop Agents will receive resources and a checklist to help with keeping records straight

WEBINAR: Keep Your Records Straight, Accounting Practices & Tips
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